Strong in the Lord


by Fr. Randy Messick

Ephesians 6:10

“Finally brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power or His might.”

It’s strange for me to think that I have no power of my own.  It seems I should be able to do something good on my own, and yet the awareness and acceptance of my powerlessness is the starting point for me in my journey of faith. The idea that I can manage my life, that I can wrest satisfaction and happiness from this world if I only manage well, has to be tossed out.

I absolutely have no sufficient power of my own.  It’s only when I admit my complete lack of power, my complete weakness, that I can be strong in the Lord.  That blows me away!  The strength of the Almighty God becomes my strength!  I become strong for His cause – the renunciation of evil and the evil one.

I go from a life of complete weakness, into a life infused by the power of the almighty God!  A power that not only effects a process of sanctification within me, whereby repentance becomes a way of life, but a power that protects me also from the attacks of Satan, and all of the devils that are bent on destroying me!

I have no problem being aware that there are plenty of people, places, and things in this world that seem bent on causing me problems, but what am I to do?  It is in the power of God that I find the solution to these problems, and interestingly it has nothing to do with changing the people, places, and things in my life, but about allowing the Lord to change me.

Even though I’m very good at identifying the ways in which the world is out to get me, such as noticing that whatever line I get in it always turns out to be the slowest, I don’t often think about the dangers that confront me in the spirit.  Yet I see in this reading from Ephesians that the problems I encounter in the world are nothing compared to the problems that confront me in the spiritual realm.

If I need the power of God to deal with the problems I have in this world, how much more do I need God’s help and protection in dealing with Satan, and his devils, that attack my spirit?   Therefore, it is imperative that I follow Paul’s advice to take upon me the whole armor of God.  First thing in the morning seems a good time for me to pray to God for his protection from the evil one, since my mind seems vulnerable from the moment I awake! Meditation on the instructions Paul gives us in this passage is a great way to start the day.

Fr. Randy ministers at Faith Anglican Church


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